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Chia seeds, 10 properties that make them a real "superfood"

Jul 25, 2020Barbara Arlati
Chia seeds are originally from Mexico, the Mayas already knew the great beneficial properties for health and in fact "Chia" in the ancient language of the Mayas meant "strength".
Until a few years ago they weren't very well known while in recent years, with the spread of healthier food trends, they have become real stars that every food-conscious person does not fail to have in the pantry.
Here are 10 reasons why they are truly unique and healthy:
  1. Chia seeds are considered among the healthiest foods on the planet, despite their tiny size they contain a large amount of highly concentrated nutrients that make them a "superfood" to all intents and purposes. They are naturally gluten free.
  2. They are rich in antioxidants that help fight the production of free radicals, anti aging and anti cancer.
  3. Almost all the carbohydrates that compose them are made up of fibers which, unlike sugars, do not raise the level of glucose in the blood and absorb a lot of liquids, increasing the sense of satiety and feed the "good" intestinal bacterial flora. With 40% fiber, Chia seeds are one of the most important sources of fiber in the world.
  4. They have a good protein content (14%) and balanced amino acids which are especially valuable for those who do not eat animal proteins.
  5. Precisely thanks to the fiber content combined with that of protein they can help you lose weight, increasing the sense of satiety and reducing hunger attacks.
  6. Like flax seeds they are rich in omega 3 (more than salmon!) but not containing DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) they are considered a source of lower quality omega 3. To reap all the benefits, it is advisable to take a DHA supplement (or eat salmon, tuna or oily fish among the few food sources of DHA).
  7. Recent studies have linked the intake of chia seeds with a reduction in the risk of heart attacks and a lowering of blood pressure.
  8. Chia seeds help strengthen bones thanks to their calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein content.
  9. Some studies (for now carried out only on animals) have shown how taking chia seeds can help keep blood insulin levels under control and avoid glycemic peaks.
  10. They can help reduce states of chronic inflammation (the study is still ongoing)

In 100 grams of Chia seeds we find:

468 kcal

31g Fat (Saturated 3.3g, Polyunsaturated 24g, Monounsaturated 2.3g)

42g Carbs (34g Fiber)

17g Protein

16mg Sodium

407mg Potassium

335mg Magnesium

631mg Calcium

7.7mg Iron

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