Olio mct e olio di cocco differenza

MCT oil and coconut oil: the differences

Jul 25, 2021Ciboplus Srl

MCT oil is one of the most used supplements by those who follow a ketogenic diet even if many confuse it with coconut oil. It's actually not really confusing because MCT oil is coconut oil or rather, it's a concentrate of the medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil.

I guess you know what coconut oil is, it is the fat extracted from the coconut meat and is found in virgin or refined versions. It can be used both in the kitchen and as a beauty product.

Coconut oil is a natural source of MCTs (medium chain acids) but its composition is 42% lauric acid (C12, the least effective of MCTs) and only 7% C10 and 5% C8 (approximately).

So let's say that you find MCTs in coconut oil but only in small amounts.

MCT oil, on the other hand, is a concentrate of medium-chain triglycerides, usually pure C8 or C8 + C10 can be found on the market.

MCTs are used in ketogenic because, unlike other types of fat (LCT, long chain ones), they are metabolized very quickly by the liver and transformed into energy and therefore into ketones.

The shorter the chain of carbon atoms (you can tell from the number close to C) the faster and more "efficient" the MCT is metabolized in the production of energy and ketones.

In our shop you will find both pure MCT 8 oil and MCT 8 + 10 in different formats and from different brands.

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