Olio MCT principali benefici per la salute

MCT oil main benefits

Apr 24, 2023Redazione

MCT oil is a supplement for those following a ketogenic diet but it has also become popular among athletes due to its excellent properties.

MCT oil is normally obtained from coconut or palm oil and, as you can guess from the name, is made up of medium-chain fatty acids.

Because of their shorter length, MCTs are digested faster than the longer chain fatty acids found in many other foods.

There are 4 types of MCTs : lauric acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid and capric acid.

MCT oil is almost entirely caprylic acid and capric acid

MCT oil properties

Main Benefits of MCT Oil

  1. Quick source of energy: MCTs easily enter the bloodstream without being broken down, so they can be used as an immediate source of energy
  2. Ketones and ketogenic : MCTs are easily transformed into ketogenic in the liver. These ketones can pass through the blood-brain barrier, becoming a source of energy for brain cells.
  3. Appetite and weight control : some studies have shown that the intake of MCT oil can help increase the sense of satiety and reduce appetite throughout the day (these are studies to be investigated)
  4. Burning Fat: Some preliminary studies suggest that taking MCT oil may increase fat burning and reduce the need for carbohydrates during exercise, but the evidence is mixed.
  5. Cognitive faculties and epilepsy : according to some studies, MCT oil could promote cognitive faculties and in general be of help in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy (for which the ketogenic diet was born in fact) and Alzheimer's. (for the latter there are not yet enough in-depth studies)

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