Dieta CRAM cos'è e come funziona

The CRAM diet is not for weight loss

Apr 29, 2023Redazione

The CRAM diet is one of the most searched diets in the last month on Google but in my opinion there is a misunderstanding

The CRAM diet is not used to lose weight and the fact that it appears among the most searched diets on Google in the last period makes me think that when you read "Dieta" in Italy you think of a slimming diet while "diet" stands for "type of diet " and in fact the CRAM diet is simply an evolution of the BRAT diet, an "old" diet that was recommended for children in case of gastro intestinal problems.

Both BRAT stood for banana, rice, apple juice and toast as CRAM stands for cereal, rice, apples and milk . I read on the various sites that talk about it that it would allow you to lose even 2 kg and get a flat stomach in just 3 days.

CRAM diet foods

What is the CRAM diet all about?

  • Only cereals, rice, apples and milk can be eaten
  • Condiments allowed extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and ginger
  • You need to drink 2 liters of water a day
  • There are 5 meals a day
  • Duration : 3 days

You don't need to be a nutritionist to understand that IT'S NOT A DIMAGRANT DIET besides the fact that it's totally unbalanced.

I challenge anyone to lose weight with free amounts of rice and cereal 5 times a day...never mind that it's better.

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