Ricetta burger con anelli di cipolla light

Fit Ice Burger with light onion rings

Nov 18, 2022Ciboplus Srl

Hamburgers and onion rings in a fit version with few calories and excellent macros but without giving up the taste of a fast food classic. With a few simple precautions it is possible to transform a dish that is not exactly dietary into a light and delicious lunch, also suitable for those who follow a diet with reduced carbohydrate content or in any case a healthy diet with an eye to calories.

Fit Ice Burger with Light Onion Rings

Ingredients for one serving


  • For the fit onion rings cut the onion into rings, dip the rings sprinkled with low carb breadcrumbs in the beaten egg. Dip the rings in the flour again and once again dip them in the beaten eggs - this will make the breading more crispy. Cook the rings in the air fryer for 15 minutes at maximum power.
  • To create the BURGER mix the ground chicken breast with the remaining beaten egg and spices, shape into a burger shape and cook.
  • Assemble it with the head of lettuce as a kind of sandwich, with cherry tomatoes and cheddar slices, while as a base we used a sauce made up of Greek yogurt blended with cucumbers and chives.

MACROS PER SANDWICH: 300 Kcal / 8g carbs / 47g pro /7g fat / 9g fiber MACROS ONION RINGS: 88kcal / 9g carb / 2g pro /4g fat /9g ​​fiber

Recipe and pictures by Francesco and Michela, our favorite fit chefs. Lit on Instagram as HungryFitty

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