Come funziona la dieta SIRT

How does the SIRT diet work?

Jun 28, 2022Ciboplus Srl

The SIRT diet has become increasingly popular, but do you understand what it consists of? I thought I'd ask Dr. Elisa Rosso to tell us about it.

The SIRT diet is a dietary protocol designed by two nutritionists and has become very popular because it is used for weight loss by various celebrities. SIRT takes its name from the "sirtuins" a group of genes involved in metabolic regulation and consequently in the regulation of body weight. Sirtuins are activated thanks to caloric restriction or the introduction of particular substances also present in some foods . The diet is therefore based on these two principles.

In fact, the protocol provides (as in almost all similar diet protocols) a first phase that is more restrictive in terms of calories (a semi-fasting with a prevalence of liquid vegetable meals) and a second phase with a moderate calorie intake. During all phases of the diet , certain foods are introduced that contain precisely the substances capable of activating the sirtuins . Among these SIRT foods we find: extra virgin olive oil, dark chocolate, chilli pepper, onion, turmeric, strawberries, walnuts, cabbage, green tea, red wine, and others (the complete list is present in the official book). They are all foods rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective substances, the consumption of which is already normally recommended regardless of the dietary protocol in use.

The question is how much these foods actually activate sirtuins : what is the real dose required for activation at the cellular level? High dosages are usually required to obtain pharmacological reactions, so it is often more appropriate to use suitable supplements.

There's nothing particularly special about this approach, it basically works because:

- It is a low-calorie diet (1000-1500 kcal), an essential element for fat loss.

- Causes a fast and very motivating weight loss at the beginning (linked to the use of semi-fasting with liquid meals).

- It does not include pre-formulated industrial products (therefore it can be made with common foods).

- It has strict rules (precise recipes to follow).

- It allows for some almost daily concessions that are very popular, especially women, and which are part of the Mediterranean tradition (red wine, chocolate, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil).

- Contains a good amount of proteins and fats that guarantee satiety and promote weight loss and a low carbohydrate content (like any self-respecting effective diet).

The same benefit is equally obtainable from well-structured ketogenic or cyclical or low-calorie diets. There are no particular contraindications for this type of diet but personalization is absolutely essential.

Official site of the book:

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