Base pizza Lo Dough 39kcal keto senza glutine

Lo Dough as a base for pizza , tips and tricks

Mar 20, 2022Ciboplus Srl

The Lo Dough base has only 39 kcal and can be used in many ways, saving many calories. The most basic way in which to use Lo Dough is as a base for ultra light pizza but being a very special product (it is practically made only of proteins and fibres) to obtain a good result it is necessary to take some precautions.

1) Open the package

In a package there are two bases separated by a sheet of non-stick paper that prevents them from sticking to each other. If you use only one, leave the other in the package, seal it well and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

If you want your pizza base to be crunchier, try heating it briefly in a pan on each side before adding the topping. Don't overdo it or it will dry out too much.

2) Season it well up to the edges

Use about 2 tablespoons of good quality puree spread to the edge of the base. The key to a good Lo-Dough pizza is to use plenty of toppings to keep the base (fat-free) from drying out too much.

NB: Season the base with the smooth side up to give your pizza a tasty crunchy base.

3) Abound with cheese

The ideal is to use about 70-90 g distributed well to the edge.

4) The cooking time is very short

The pizza will be ready when the cheese has melted so if you add vegetables or other ingredients that require more cooking you should pre-cook them or they will remain raw (or the base will dry out if you cook too long)

5) The perfect cooking

Place the pizza on a preheated (HOT!) baking sheet or mesh pizza pan and cook until the cheese is golden brown and starting to bubble.

If you want an even more crunchy base, put the pizza back in a pan for 30 seconds once it's done cooking in the oven

Enjoy your meal!

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