Lasagne keto friendly con Palmini

Keto friendly lasagna with Palmini

Dec 04, 2022Ciboplus Srl

The best lasagna suitable for those who follow a ketogenic diet (therefore with very few carbohydrates) ever? The ones you can make with Palmini lasagna . I had several people taste them and most of them didn't realize it wasn't "real" pasta. The strength of Palmini's heart of palm sheets, in addition to the exceptional nutritional values, is the consistency. Really very similar to that of real pasta (definitely better than konjac lasagna , in my opinion)

Speaking of nutritional values, I remind you that 100g of Palmini lasagna has only 27kcal and 5.3g of carbohydrates.

You can choose to stuff your lasagna as you prefer, with the classic ragù for example, with ricotta and vegetables for a lighter version. But I'll leave the dressing up to you, today I'll explain some tricks to make the most of Palmini lasagna.

1) Open the jar and drain the heart of palm leaves

2) Rinse them well

3) Soak the sheets in milk (vaccine or not, as you prefer) for at least half an hour (they must be well covered). This is a trick that I suggest you also use for heart of palm paste in general.

4) Rinse them from the milk

5) Use them as you would with sheets of real pasta, season them well because they don't have a real taste but they absorb the sauce excellently

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