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Quinoa, ten beneficial properties for health

Jul 25, 2020Barbara Arlati

Quinoa is a herbaceous plant native to South America and for some years now very common in the kitchens of the most health conscious. It is gluten-free, provides a good amount of protein and is one of the few vegetables to possess all nine essential amino acids.

Here are ten properties that make it so "healthy":

  1. It is not a cereal but a pseudo cereal, basically a seed that is used as a cereal.
  2. It exists in three varieties: white, red and black.
  3. Contains important flavonoids such as quercetin and campferol (anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-tumor)
  4. Has much more fiber than other cereals (10-16g per 100g)
  5. It's gluten free
  6. It provides more protein than most other vegetables and all 9 essential amino acids
  7. It has a low glycemic index
  8. It is rich in important mineral salts such as iron and magnesium
  9. Recent studies have shown how it can help improve metabolism
  10. It is rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals with a consequent anti-aging and anti-tumor action.

In 100 grams of raw quinoa we find:

368 kcal

6g Fat

64g Carbs

7g Fibers

14g Protein

47mg Calcium

5mg Sodium

457mg Phosphorus

563mg Potassium

4.5mg Iron

197mg Magnesium

3mg Zinc

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