Insalata di riso light e low carb

Light and low carb rice salad

Jul 14, 2022Ciboplus Srl

Rice salad is a summer classic, a single dish that you can customize according to your tastes and dietary needs but which revolves around a cereal (rice) which, despite being an excellent source of complex carbohydrates for those on a low-carb or ketogenic is not highly recommended (it has too many carbohydrates). But why give up rice salad when you can replace rice with alternatives with much less carbohydrates and also much less calories ?

Replacing rice with konjac rice is a possibility, if you like it it's certainly the solution with fewer calories and carbohydrates but since not everyone likes the texture of konjac my advice is, if you haven't already, try it two other excellent 100% vegetable alternatives :

Cauliflower rice

Heart of palm rice

These are two vegetables reduced to rice (basically minced) and ready for consumption that you simply have to rinse from the conservation liquid and season as you prefer.

They both have very few calories, few carbohydrates and in my opinion a quite similar consistency and a basically neutral taste. Whether you choose one or the other, the difference always makes the sauce which must be tasty and, better still, with a minimum of gravy in order to best flavor the "grains" and mix everything well.

Both Palmini palm rice and FullGreen cauliflower rice are 100% vegetable and gluten-free .

100g Palmini rice 

100g Fullgreens 

Energy (kcal)




0 g


- of which saturated 

0 g



5 g

4 g

- of which sugars 

0 g

1 g





1.3 g




0.01 g

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