Dieta chetogenica e cura di alcune patologie

Ketogenic diet helps in the treatment of some pathologies

Jun 26, 2021Ciboplus Srl

The ketogenic diet is known to most as a diet that is used to stay fit or lose weight but perhaps you do not know that all over the world its effectiveness is being studied for the treatment and prevention of some of the most widespread diseases of our century .

The first that comes to mind is diabetes, many studies believe the ketogenic diet is useful in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

One cannot fail to mention epilepsy, the treatment of which was one of the first applications of the ketogenic diet. The studies , years later, are not entirely conclusive but promise well, especially as regards the fact that by limiting carbohydrates a lot we can keep them at bay better and with less use of drugs.

The studies concerning the benefits of ketogenic for those with cancer are also promising. We underline the fact that it does not mean that diet alone can heal or regress a tumor but that it is thought that adopting a diet with a very low carbohydrate and sugar content can somehow help in the fight against this terrible disease.

Another disease that is spreading more and more and which has very serious consequences both for the patient and for those who look after him is Alzheimer's and studies on the adoption of a keto diet in subjects in the early stages of the disease looks promising.

In conclusion, we can say that most of those who approach this diet certainly do it more for purely aesthetic reasons, while the benefits that ketogenic nutrition can give are really many and on different fronts. The fact remains that it is a fairly "extreme" diet that must be undertaken under the guidance of an expert nutritionist who has ascertained our general state of health and any incompatibilities with a diet with so few carbohydrates and much more fat.

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