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Riso di konjac secco Zen , poche calorie, quasi zero carboidrati e una consistenza migliore rispetto al classico risino di konjac in ammollo

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Zen Pasta's konjac paste (shiritaki) is one of the best of its kind because, unlike almost all the others, it is dry. Like all konjac paste, it has very few calories and almost no carbohydrates and is therefore perfect for all those who follow a low-calorie, ketogenic and low-carb diet. One of the criticisms that is often leveled at this type of pasta is that of having an unpleasant fishy smell given by the liquid in which they are usually kept, with the dry version this problem is excluded.

This type of konjac paste must not be rinsed but must obviously be cooked, 10 minutes in boiling water is enough to be ready to season even if briefly sautéing them in a pan together with the sauce greatly improves the final yield.

Main features of Zen Pasta dry shiritaki

  • Low carb and keto (0.5g of carb per 100g)
  • Only 28kcal per serving


Waterfall; konjac flour 17%; acidity regulators: calcium hydroxide; citric acid; syrup and tapioca starch

Nutritional information

Per portion ready*

Energy (kcal)



0 g


0.5 g

- of which polyols 

0 g

- of which sugars



13 g


0 g


13 g

*100g of ready shirataki are 22g of dry product


Packs of 50g and 200g
Made in Indonesia for Mirai International Ltd


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