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This Bonomelli cocoa and mint infusion is aromatic, fragrant and particular. The mint feels good, the cocoa comes later and I must say they go perfectly together. A pleasant herbal tea to sip warm, without necessarily sweetening it. Like all herbal teas and infusions, this one too has a negligible nutritional intake and is therefore a perfect ally if you are on a diet and want to indulge in a sweet but calorie-free cuddle.

Main characteristics of the Bonomelli cocoa and mint infusion

  • Scented
  • Unsweetened
  • More or less zero calories and carbohydrates


Rosehip, Carob, Natural flavoring 10%, Lemongrass, Sweet mint 9%, Sweet blackberry, Anise, Black pepper, Cocoa peel 0.9%

Nutritional information

They are not reported. By law, infusions and teas are not obliged to include them on the label as the values ​​are close to zero.


Pack of 10 filters
Made in Italy by Bonomelli


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