Fibre solubili e insolubili

Soluble fiber and insoluble fiber benefits for the diet

Jan 28, 2023Ciboplus Srl

Fibers are important and I think everyone really knows this by now, we also know the foods that contain them and that used in doughs allow us to lower the glycemic index and improve the nutritional values ​​of the final product but did you know that there are two types?

Soluble fibers dissolve in water. In the intestine they turn into a gelatinous substance which is digested by bacteria in the large intestine (thus fueling the proliferation of "good" bacteria) releasing gas and a small amount of calories.

Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water, it remains more or less unchanged throughout the digestive tract. Not being digested, they are not a source of calories.

Soluble fibers Benefits

  • They reduce fat absorption and consequently help in weight management
  • Soluble fibers prevent part of the dietary cholesterol from being broken down and digested, therefore over time they reduce its quantity (and improve its quality).
  • They stabilize blood sugar (glucose) levels . In the same way that they prevent fat absorption, soluble fiber slows the rate of digestion of other nutrients, including carbohydrates.
  • They help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . By lowering cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood sugars, and decreasing fat absorption, eating soluble fiber regularly can reduce your risk of heart disease and circulatory problems.
  • They feed the good intestinal bacteria.

Insoluble fibers Benefits

  • I prevent constipation . Not being digestible, insoluble fibers pass through the gastrointestinal tract absorbing liquids. Their presence accelerates the movement and processing of waste, helping to prevent gastrointestinal blockage and constipation.
  • They reduce the risk of diverticular disease .
  • They reduce the risk of colorectal cancer .

Benefits of fibers (soluble and insoluble)

They increase the sense of satiety . Soluble fiber slows down the rate at which foods are digested while insoluble fiber physically fills the space in the stomach and intestines, promoting feelings of fullness. Excellent properties for those who follow a slimming diet or in general want to keep their weight under control.

They reduce the risk of developing many diseases . The many benefits of a high-fiber diet are associated with a lower risk of developing many diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and others.

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