Dieta low carb e dieta chetogenica le differenze

The differences between a low carb diet and a ketogenic diet

Apr 10, 2023Ciboplus Srl

These two terms are often read on the nutritional labels of products and confusion is created between the two approaches: let's clarify! A LOW-CARB diet simply means a low-carb diet protocol. During the eating day, carbohydrates will therefore always be present (in variable doses according to personal needs and the objective of the diet) but in a smaller proportion than proteins, fats and fibres. With this approach it is sufficient to respect the doses and proportions of the foods but it is not necessary to calculate precisely the g of daily carbohydrates.

By KETOGENIC diet, on the other hand, we mean a nutritional approach in which carbohydrates are extremely low, indicatively in a day we do not exceed 20-40g net (not of total food weight). In this way the production of substances called "ketone bodies" is triggered in the body and the body therefore changes the type of "fuel" to obtain energy, passing from the use of sugars to that of lipids. The food plan will therefore be deliberately unbalanced on the use of fats. With this approach (especially at the beginning) it is necessary to accurately count the carbohydrates taken in the diet, to be sure of entering the state of ketosis. A food product formulated for ketogenic diets can be included in a low-carb meal plan, but a low-carb product may not be indicated in a ketogenic diet, as it could "go beyond" the daily carbohydrate quota.

Both diets can lead to improved blood sugar and insulin balance and can be used for weight loss/body recomposition with excellent benefits. However, only the ketogenic diet can activate advantageous metabolic mechanisms and be successful in specific pathologies (e.g. migraine, epilepsy, PCOS, etc.).

However, it is contraindicated in some cases and it is absolutely not recommended to manage it "do it yourself" as it requires mandatory mineral supplements to be kept under control. Personalization is therefore essential to understand which dietary approach is best to use.

Doctor Elisa Rosso

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