Leggi anti obesità nel Regno Unito

Calories on menus and the new anti-obesity law in the UK

Mar 18, 2023Ciboplus Srl

Calories on the menu? The British law that obliges restaurant chains and anyone who sells food with more than 250 employees to indicate the nutritional values ​​of what they offer has raised a lot of fuss* but I can already tell you that in my opinion it is absolutely right. Moreover, most restaurants offer the possibility of seeing or not the nutritional values ​​but having said that, I believe that having an idea of ​​what you are eating is important in order to eat better and in a more balanced way.

This law has also had the non-secondary effect of forcing many fast food chains (because in the end only they or almost only them are obliged because a normal restaurant certainly doesn't have 250 employees if you think about it) to reformulate their dishes in a healthier way (because Let's face it, when they calculated how many calories and fat certain dishes brought, they too must have felt bad).

The other law that is about to come into force is the one that severely limits the possibility of advertising and promoting (online and offline) products that contain too much fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) this is pushing many British producers to reformulate their products in so that they can be advertised and promoted to the benefit of all (in my opinion).

In short, the United Kingdom is adopting a very valid strategy in my opinion to combat the consumption of junk food and above all to push those who work in this sector to offer healthier products, while what are we doing in Europe?

PS The fuss was raised by BEAT'S the association that deals with eating disorders in the UK according to which this law would cause problems for those suffering from DCA but in reality it is a non-problem because the majority of locals remain (those with less than 250 employees) who is not obliged to write the values ​​if it really bothers you

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